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Soke Masaaki Hatsumi



Dai Shihan Daren


黑带六段 Caesar Martinez士道师)




William Gao -Shidoshi



 Caesar Martinez Shidoshi Intro.

“I have 30 years experience in martial arts and I am actually older than what I look,” said Caesar, prefacing the conversation. His confidence does come with reason, he looks like he is in his 30s but he is actually 42. Growing up in Los Angles, California he was surrounded by trigger-happy Vietnam veterans and youngsters in his childhood. Fighting was a constant for him, something he got used to. He has a scar on his forehead as evidence of his first assault, six men strong, which he suffered when he was 13. He admitted that he started martial arts for the wrong reason: that was to fight.

Caesar with Soke Hatsumi

Caesar 老师与武神馆总裁初见良召先生

He started karate at the age of 10 and, obviously, this martial art was not his cup of tea. Later he followed the late master Jimmy H. Woo, famous for introducing Kungfu San Soo to America from Tai Mountain, China. San Soo is a combat art even used by the US Navy Seals, among other military forces, which features aggressiveness and practical usage in a real fight. In Chinese martial arts philosophy, San Soo is based on the element of fire, which means you have to defend yourself until you beat your opponent. After 4 year’s training in San Soo, with a 7th degree black belt certificate, he later shifted to aikido for 5 years but it turned out to be a disappointment.

Finally, ninjutsu is the one.


In 1986, Caesar came across a new friend who had just come from Japan. This unexpected friend led him to the door of ninjutsu, but two years later his ninjutsu training stopped after his friend went back to Japan. At that time there was only one ninjutsu instructor in America, Steven Hayes, who later became a good friend of Caesar’s. Hayes was in Ohio at that time, a state quite far away from where Caesar was, so he had no choice but turn to San Soo again. But ninjutsu still lingered in his heart.

In 1995, he discovered there was a professional ninjutsu training centre, called Bunjinkan, nearby. From then on, he could finally focus on ninjutsu training and later flew to Japan, staying there for 3 years to perfect his skills.

“It takes me 10 years to be capable of feeling the energy or so-called ’qi’ existing in myself or my opponent’s body.” said Caesar Martin, admitting that it does take time to perfect the martial arts. “Look at my rugged hands and scars in my face, but I am not aggressive anymore, ninjutsu changed me and what I care about now is whether I can control my opponents and the situation. I just want to control and then let it go.”

Nothing can unsettle this man anymore; Caesar even told us that he expects death. As a business man, he only occasionally teaches students in ninjutsu because not so many people are ready to devote themselves to this time-consuming art.

“I train my students how to react in multiple fights because it is what really happened in real life and I believe any experienced coach should teach in this way. I use all the practical self-defence tactics in ninjutsu for those who just want to learn how to protect themselves. There are endless good elements in ninjutsu that I can introduce to my students and now is the time for me to ‘give back’ what I gained through this combat art.”






The first Chinese Man certified by Masaaki Hatsumi in Bujinkan Honbu Dojo, in Japan.

Shidoshi and NInjutsu Black Belt 5th Dan.

He is also Karate 5th Dan, and has 20 years Training Experience.



He went to Honbu Dojo Japan for training and testing 5th Dan and shidoshi.










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